Our Premier App gets you in front of your customers more effectively.  The home screen gives your customers a front row seat to your office through their mobile device and customers enjoy the simple communication experience and ease of use.  

Your staff will enjoy the Directions To Office feature, allowing customers to get spoken directions via Google Maps.

Young and old customers alike enjoy the simple, straight-forward approach to the Premier App design.

Your customers can call, email, or find your address and directions at the touch of a button.

Having this information available on the home screen of mobile devices is helpful to your patients and your business as a whole.  

It’s so easy to share your mobile app with people while on the go.  The app downloads and installs in less than 30 seconds, making sharing your app fun and easy!

Get your business mobile today and start enjoying the benefits of mobile phone technology.

Especially helpful if your office is hard to get to or located off the main path!

Both patients and staff will love the ability to get and offer spoken directions via Google Maps.

Now patients and staff don’t have to struggle through cumbersome phone conversations trying to explain how to get to the office from every different direction!

One simple question handles the call,

“Do you have a smart-phone?”

From there it’s just a few clicks to getting off the phone without the hassle of an extended phone directions conversation!

Allowing your customers to submit appointment requests via your mobile app is a time saver for everybody.

Patients enjoy to get things done on the move.  With your mobile app on their home screen, they can communicate with your office in any way they please and make an appointment request at the touch of a button.

Sometimes patients are too busy to call when they think of calling.  Letting them make an appointment request and put the burden on the office staff to call is often times a relief.

The office staff will also find it a relief to be able to call patients back during less busy times of the day.  This feature will cut down on calls interrupting the busy flow of mid-day and allow staff to schedule patients in-bulk at the end or beginning of the work day!

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