The Apps Shoppe delivers custom mobile apps for medical offices and businesses.  Our Premier App can easily be customized to fit any medical office or business, and you can try it for Free from any cell phone or mobile device.

Download our Premier App Free to test on your mobile device and see how a new app puts you closer to customers.

Our Premier App gives customers the ability to connect with businesses in every way imaginable.  Customers have the ability to contact the business via phone or email directly from inside the mobile app.  Our Premier App is also equip with a way to get to your existing website.  This typically drives a few thousand pages views over time to your website which is good for your web traffic stats and Google rankings.

Integrated with Google Maps, our Premier App gives customers spoken directions to the business location, eliminating the need for office staff to give directions over the phone while other customers are waiting.  

Customers can also request an appointment, allowing your employees more control over phone time.  They can then call patients and customers back within 1 business day.

See for yourself by downloading our Premier App for free.

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